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 Company History


3M Food Products Co.,Ltd. supplier of processed fruit products under " JeedJard " Brand since 2003. Produce with modern machinery And quality standards

Factory production control under the production of GMP and HACCP systems include products that have been verified by . The Food and Drug Administration (FDA ) prior to release . It also has been branded Halal Halal Standard Institute of Thailand.

Currently being distributed in . A channel is a group mall. More than 2,500 shops and department stores are sold in department stores and leading . The Mall , Siam Paragon, Emporium, BigC, Top Super Market, Maxvalu, Tang Hua Seng , FoodLand and convenience store 7-Eleven, FamilyMart, 108Shop, Vshop, FreshMart including a convenience store ,
Gas service station such as Jet (Jiffy), Esso (TigerMart), Pitronas (Suria), Shell (Select), Bangchak (Bai-Chak).

In addition to producing goods for sale To domestic We are the manufacturer exporters have been "Thailand's Brand", "Thailand Trust Mark" by the Department of Export Promotion . Ministry of Commerce Which have been exported to many continents and in many countries more than 20 countries including Burma , Laos , Vietnam , China , Hong Kong , Malaysia, the Philippines , Indonesia , United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa , Bangladesh , India , Brunei .

We are specialized in fruit production. Privatization has recognized for a long time . It has developed a production line in the processed fruit in the form of over 10 categories.

The year. Since 2011 the company has launched new products "Fruite-10" that combines candy and fruit mixed fruit juice actually 10 %, especially in the climate, including Tropical Collection lychee. , pineapple, melon and fruit juice etc..


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